Respite Care

Respite Care

Respite care can be a lifeline for family caregivers and their loved ones. This type of home care typically involves short-term or temporary caregiving visits. These visits make it possible for family caregivers to take time away from unpaid caregiving duties—without compromising the quality of care received by their loved ones.

AC & EW: Under the AC program and EW, the primary caregiver must either:

  • Not be paid at all
  • Be paid only for a portion of the time he/she provides care/supervision to the person

The primary caregiver does not need to live in the same house as the person who receives services.

BI, CADI, CAC, and DD: Under the BI, CAC, CADI, and DD waivers, the primary caregiver must both:

  • Maintain his/her primary residence at the same address as the person
  • Be the owner or leaser of the primary residence