Individual Home Supports (IHS)

Individual Home Supports

Individualized home supports: Services providing support and training in community living service categories for a person who lives in his/her own home. Individualized home support can be provided in the person’s own home or in public community settings and either in person or remotely.

Support for individualized home supports: A staff member providing direct supervision, cueing, maintenance, guidance, instruction, incidental assistance with activities of daily living, or assistance with coordination of community living activities.

Training for individualized home supports Instructional services through which a person receives direct training from a staff member on community living skills identified in a person’s assessment (e.g., MnCHOICES, long-term care consultation [LTCC]). Training includes skill building to acquire, retain and improve the person’s experience living in the community.

Community living service categories: Broad service categories for providing support and training to help a person live independently in his/her community. The community living service categories are:


  • Community participation

  • Health, safety, and wellness

  • Household management

  • Adaptive skills.