Housing Stabilization Services (HSS)?

What is Housing Stabilization Services (HSS)?

Housing Stabilization Services is a housing service for all eligible Minnesotans created by the Department of Human Services. The services are designed to help folks living with disabilities to have the person-centered assistance they need to be successful in their housing endeavors – whether that be moving across the street, across the state, or even finding resources to help prevent homelessness.

Housing Consultation

Can be referred through their waiver case manager, and if they do not have a waiver they will need a Professional Statement of Need (PSN) and a housing-focused person-centered plan.  A targeted case manager or care coordinator can complete the housing-focused person-centered plan.  If an individual does not have a targeted case manager or care coordinator a housing consultant can create the plan.

Housing Transition

This service assists individuals in transitions to their desired future homes, Transitions services can provide assistance in things such as finding potential housing options, determining a budget, applying for benefits, assist in overcoming potential barriers when looking for housing options. It also can help with the initial transition to their new home.

Housing Sustaining

This service assist individuals learn the skills needed to successfully stay in their own home. Sustaining services can train and coach individuals on skills such as being a good tenant, being a good neighbor, avoiding scams, finding resources, and building relationships with landlords, neighbors, and the community.

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