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Welcome to Safe Heaven Home Care Services!

At Safe Heaven Home Care Services, our mission is to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives by providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services. We believe that every individual deserves the utmost respect, dignity, and personalized care, regardless of their circumstances. Our dedicated team is driven by the vision of creating a healthier, more inclusive community that supports the well-being of all its members.

Our Services

Safe Heaven Home Care Services provides services through Medical Assistance and Waiver Programs. Select a service below to learn more

Housing Stabilization Services

Housing Consultation

Housing Transtioning

Housing Sustaining

24-HR Emergency Assistance

On-call counseling and problem-solving and/or immediate response for assistance at a person's house due to a health/personal emergency.

Adult Companion

Help a person work toward a therapeutic or community integration goal in their support plan.

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What People Say?

The housing support staff were extremely helpful in finding me housing that fit my budget and housing criteria. They also did a fantastic job helping me find housing resources that could benefit me to ensure that I continue having stable housing. Thanks for all your hard work.

Amanda O.

Finding housing was challenging until I came across Safe Heaven Home Care Services. With the help of this organization, I was able to find housing near public transportation and close to my family. Thank you for bringing happiness to my life.

Linda A.

Safe Heaven Home Care Services did a great job assisting me in finding an apartment for myself and my dog. They worked an endless amount of hours to ensure that I found a place to call home that fits right into my budget.

Robert K.

Thank you for all your assistance and patient. It was a pleasure working with you. I can tell that you really care about getting people housed and that you always give it above and beyond 100%. Thanks for everything and may the best life be yours. I wish blessings from the most high.

Chris M.

Thank you for helping me find my next apartment. My housing coordinator was very helpful and resourceful. I was able to get assistance for my damage deposit and first month rent. Couple days later I got my keys to my new apartment. Wonderful organization, keep up the good work.

Steven V.

I am so happy to move into my new apartment. I don't know what I would do without this agency. Thank you for all your assistance.

Robert L.

With the help of this organization, I have an apartment that I am satisfied with. They have went extremely above and beyond to help me get my apartment. Thank you.

Ann N.

Thank you so much for helping get an apartment quickly! Your agency went above and beyond to make it happen and for that I'm thankful!

Tyler P.